How to find the PGIL

Directions to the library

Princess Grace Irish Library

9 rue Princesse Marie-de-Lorraine (1st floor)
MC 98000 Principality of Monaco

Our thanks to photographer Manuel Bougot for allowing us to use his beautiful photo of buildings lit up in green linked to Ireland

Upper left: the Prince's Palace in Monaco (3 minutes from the Princess Grace Irish Library)

Lower left: the villa E1027 by Eileen Gray, Irish architect & furniture designer (Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France)

Upper right: the Maybourne Riviera Hotel (Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France)

Sign indicating direction to the Princess Grace Irish Library next to the Chocolaterie de Monaco

Driving & parking in Monaco

Once you reach Monaco, you need to follow the signs for “Parking Palais/Musée Océangraphique/ Rocher”. The name of the parking is actually ‘Chemin des Pecheurs’ - however you will only see the name on the outside of the building, not on the signpost directing you to parking on the Rock.

At any rate, it is the only parking on the Rock open to the public. However, there are plenty of free spaces. Also at night (after work hours) it is a very reasonable rate.

Leave enough time to find your way out of the parking as you will need 10-15 minutes to take the elevator/steps inside the parking, which let you out in front of the Musée Océanographique. From there you are only 5 minutes away from the library. With your back to the musée look in front and you will see steps - take these and at the top you will find yourself at place de la Visitation where the church and Lycée Albert 1e are located. With your back to the chapel and the steps you just climbed, look left and you will see the shop 'Chocolaterie de Monaco' - take the street to the right of the shop - this is our street rue Princesse Marie-de-Lorraine and we are located on the first corner on the right, opposite the FANB school).

If you get lost, don't worry you're not far. Call our landline Tel: + 377 93 50 12 25

By bus or train

From the train station in Monaco you can either walk from place d'Armes up to the Rock or take the bus (either the #1 or #2 - buses are free i.e. you don't need a ticket). Both buses go up to the Rock (less than a 5-minute journey) and stop at the terminus (place de la Visitation), where you get out.

You are less than a minute away from the library. From the bus stop you will see the shop 'Chocolaterie de Monaco' - you should take the street to the right of the shop - this is rue Princesse Marie-de-Lorraine and we are located at #9 on the right-hand side of the road, on the first corner, opposite the FANB school. 

For details on public transport to get to Monaco click HERE

Are you lost?

Call us! +377 93 50 12 25

We are located on the first floor of 9 rue Princesse Marie-de-Lorraine in Monaco-ville.

Take the elevator or climb the stairs.